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Last updated 15th October 2017

Welcome to Westhill Open Award Group - WesthillDoE@aol.co.uk

We are a volunteer group registered with Aberdeenshire Council meeting in Westhill Community Centre to train and support Duke of Edinburgh's. Award participants aged 14-24 from our local area. If you've started your Award and need help to finish it - get in touch!
Latest news:
Bronze enrolment complete so Silver and Gold enrolment now open for 2017 at Enrol 2017
Going on or been on an expedition? Look after yourself with this NHS outdoor healthcare info
BRONZE Enrolment 2017
has now closed and we look forward to    seeing our 7 new Bronze teams get started on 2nd/9th November

Well done Badgers, Nebula, Craig's Backpack, Are we there yet? x 2, 7 Dwarfs, and A-team
A range of photos from Bronze Practice Expeditions (June 2017)

Well done to all our Silver teams, their Leaders and Assessors as  Sass Queens, The Real Americans, OHJEKZ, Nine Legs all completed their Qualifying Expeditions! 

Well done teams 
Chicas de Oro, DofEzy and Golden Eagles 
- leaders and Assessors too - 
on completing your Gold Qualifying Expedition! 

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