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Last updated 21st August 2016

Welcome to Westhill Open Award Group - WesthillDoE@aol.co.uk

We are a volunteer group registered with Aberdeenshire Council meeting in Westhill Community Centre to train and support Duke of Edinburgh's
Award participants aged 14-24 from our local area. If you've started your Award and need help to finish it - get in touch!
Latest news for all - 

Next meeting: Thursday 25th August at 6:30pm for Brimmond Bronze plus Darling Babez for kit return
                         Thursday 25th August at 7pm for Elrick Bronze, Duke of Streeps & Silvers for final expedition briefing
Congratulations to Brimmond Bronze & Darling Babes who completed their Qualifying Expedition this weekend! Thank you to their leaders and assessors who made it all possible
Elrick Bronze and Duke of Streeps are out  27-28 August in the Abernethy Forest area.Table overview with start-finish times-places:  TABLE

Look forward to seeing you all for final preparations on Thursday 25th August

...and can you name the leader in blue? 
Must emphasise that no leaders were harmed (any more than usual) during the expedition - thanks everyone and well done  ;0)


Fingers crossed for good weather for Walking Aimlessly & Queen Bees on their Qualifying Expeditions

Congratulations to Robyn A, Andrew M, Megan B and Becca G too. Fantastic news - well done! Thanks to all the leaders who helped along the way

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