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Last updated 29th April 2017

Welcome to Westhill Open Award Group - WesthillDoE@aol.co.uk

We are a volunteer group registered with Aberdeenshire Council meeting in Westhill Community Centre to train and support Duke of Edinburgh's. Award participants aged 14-24 from our local area. If you've started your Award and need help to finish it - get in touch!
Latest news:

All Bronze teams are out on a training day at Brimmond Hill on Sunday (10am to 3pm). Teams Nebula and Craig's Backpack start/finish at Hillside car park near Wynford Farm; all other teams at Greenhilltrees car park (the tarred access to the mast on the Craibstone Golf Course side). Due to ROAD CLOSURES please see read these updated directions.
                     BRONZE AWARD LEVEL
We have another 9 teams out this summer. Information sheets and consent forms are on our Forms page which also features an information sheet for the training day on Sunday 30th April. Consent forms must be emailed back or handed in at a meeting by 27th April.



We have 4 teams out this summer

We have 3 teams out this summer

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